About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to model and advocate for the restoration of urban green spaces used for natural play, community food gardening, and environmental education to sustain the child, the family, the neighborhood, and our environment. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizati

Connecting . . .


. . . and reconnecting

"Young, old, or in between, we can reap extraordinary benefits by connecting--or reconnecting--to nature.  For the jaded and weary among us, the outdoor world can expand our senses and reignite a sense of awe and wonder not felt since we were children; it can support better health, enhanced creativity, new careers and business opportunities, and act as a bonding agent for families and communities.  Nature can help us feel fully alive." (Louv R., 2012 The Nature Principle, pp. 5-6, Algonquin Books)


Remember the fun?

Do you remember playing in the garden?  . . . making mud pies? 

. . . creating roads in the soil for your cars?  . .. . how about catching bugs or grabbing a tomato on the run?  Did you build things out of sticks and stones?  Did you help your grandfather plant vegetables? 

Do you remember trudging through piles of autumn leaves and thrilling at the crunchy sound it made?  These are wonderful memories.  Today's city children have a right to make some of their own and grow in the process.  Let's provide them with opportunities close to home!


          Help us create connections and natural beauty in our

          neighborhoods that will provide lasting benefits for all.  Help us create a place to  PLAY ~ LEARN ~ GROW!


The EC Environmental Education Center & Gardens

Imagine a fenced, landscaped, neighborhood place where families can meet with each other, grow food, play, learn, and have fun!

The EC will provide educational materials, workshops, and related resources.  It will consist of a multi-purpose room with attached greenhouse, a resource room, office space, butterfly room, lobby, and open porch.

Rainwater will be harvested from the roof of our education center and used to water the landscape. Solar power will provide energy for the building.  The property will be accessible to the physically challenged, including the food beds and a custom designed 'touch' water feature.  

Outdoors you will find raised beds, fruit trees, a natural play area, and a grapevine-covered sitting area. Most of our landscape will consist of native shrubs and trees, plus an abundance of perennials that support butterflies and pollinators.

The EC will be a permanent local resource for residents, teachers, and non-profits.

EC Board of Directors

Cindy Coppa, President

Felisbela Nicolau, Treasurer

Linda Henry, Secretary


Joanne Krueger

Dr. Tom Ombrello

Partners in Education

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Others pending